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If you want to determine the best strategy for taking your property through the governmental entitlement process as well as achieve the best development potential and highest return on your investment, you only need to turn to HOGAN.

HOGAN's development portfolio has grown substantially over the past several years and with recent infusions of equity from qualified investment partners, their team is poised to move forward on a variety of projects ranging from urban infill residential and commercial redevelopment to large, multi-phase, residential and mixed use development opportunities.

If a project meets their criteria, HOGAN’s in-house development team will personally work on your property and, in addition to bringing their diverse talents and expertise to the project, will utilize their broad networks of engineers, architects, land use attorneys, and other contacts to ensure a quality and successful project is created.

The HOGAN development consulting team also provides value-added services to its clients by managing the planning, approval, and development of their projects, shepherding each venture through the complicated entitlement processes in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.